(Republished from POETE ROBERT KABEMBA MANGIDI 7/3/18)-

Who introduced the bloodthirsty Kabila as a man of peace? To make the Congolese believe that Kabila was the man of peace was an illusion and a serious mockery. Several times in our interventions, we have always demonstrated and maintained that Kabila had come on a mission destabilizing Congo-Kinshasa as an occupier. Kabila’s plan comes to fruition and there is no doubt about it Former corporal of the Rwandan army, became president in Congo-Kinshasa, we had to expect everything that happens today because not accepting that Kabila works for his country of origin Rwanda would be naive of the from Congolese and especially from those who continue to support him for their selfish interests accepting the unacceptable provided that Kabila is in power to better serve them. The decline of Kabila is imminent. If he continues to persist, he will suffer the fate of Samuel Do in Liberia or Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania. Congolese people do not go back because the days of Kabila in the DRC are counted.


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