Dear fellow human rights defenders;

Dear distinguished personalities in your respective titles and qualities,

The non-governmental organization: No Impunity for the Congolese State (NICS-HR in acronym) is a non-profit association of philanthropic and apolitical nature specialized in the defense and promotion of Human Rights, created on July 21, 2018 registered on N ° JUST / SG / 20/2704/2018 by acknowledgment of receipt n ° F.92 / 32.443. NICS-HR persists in the logic of permanent consultation for the search for peace through the fight against impunity and respect for human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

NICS-HR has a statute in accordance with the legal provisions of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is in the same perspective that the regulatory framework of the functioning of the organization is governed (laws, internal regulations). It is a legal organization according to the constitution, the laws governing non-profit associations as well as international laws ratified by our country.

In these respects, NICS-HR pursues the following objectives:

Promote and defend human rights (fundamental rights, public freedoms and the rule of law);

Educate the population in peace, democracy, human rights and development actions;

Help the population to defend their fundamental rights by non-violent means;

  1. Protest by legal means against human rights violations (including arbitrary arrests, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, summary executions and enforced disappearances and others);
  2. Assist victims of human rights violations and sexual violence;
  3. Prevent peaceful resolution of conflicts.

However, NICS-HR specializes in achieving its objectives through the youth and  the women. It is with this in mind that the human resources of NICS-HR are based especially on the youth and gender approach to the extent that youth make up at least 70% of the Congolese population and women are often marginalized and victims of multiple violations of women’s rights in this era where the world contributes to gender equality. It is for this reason that the organization contains within it a gender cell to ensure the promotion and defense of human rights through the gender approach for better coverage of the promotion of the Rights of Women and children. .

The National Executive Director, Mister Jenny DAKOSTA VAN MPUTU who is the founder was inspired by the inhuman ordeal that lived the Congolese population following the restrictions of human rights which the regime imposed precede in this case the former Chief of the State, Joseph KABILA. It is in this perspective, that he set up the present structure in order to allow young people and women to take their destiny in hand by making them responsible in the face of this dismal situation to significantly influence in order to force the rulers to guarantee human rights in accordance with the Constitution and international legal instruments.

2Monday, 10 February 2020To date, the human rights situation has improved significantly in its civil and political dimensions compared to previous years as evidenced by the various monitoring reports of the organization although, several cases are recorded following misconduct of the magistrates in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, deviations of the police lacking in training or convincing training, etc. In addition, economic, social and cultural rights are far from being guaranteed to the population due to the continuing impunity and a mafia system which maintains irresponsibility within the executive power.

It is for this reason that, NICS-HR ardently wishes to equip the youth, Congolese women for the promotion and defense of human rights, to contribute to the fight against impunity and corruption, to equip the police and the FARDC. on human rights knowledge and highlight economic, social and cultural rights.

NICS-HR collaborates with Les Maisons des Jeunes / Center Carter, the Liguepour la Renaissance du Congo en sigle LYREC-RDC et le Bureau Conjoint des Nations-Unies aux Droits de l’Homme BCNUDH ; l’organisation s’attèle à disposer sufficient financial resources and materials or logistics to perfect the actions. It is for this reason that, NICS-HR mobilizes more national and international partners likely to lead it to the achievement of its objectives and requests any organization or national and international institution to kindly support the action of young people and women. for human rights in view of the inherent difficulties of the organization, among others: the inadequate insufficiency of funding, logistics, infrastructure, insecurity, police and military blunders which restrict the activities of the monitoring of respect for human rights by intimidation, arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders, etc.

NICS-HR encourages all its members to have more responsibility, commitment, humanism, volunteerism and conviction to make human rights absolute in the Democratic Republic of Congo and that every citizen enjoys it without any restrictions any.

                My dear fellow human rights defenders, to all of you members of NICS, I would like to solemnly thank you for your precious contribution and for the excellent work that you have done during the past two years within the organization NICS , despite the constraints, despite the arbitrary arrests of which some of you were victims, you had faced torture and various threats, but you had not given in to fear, you had defied the dictatorial regime of Mr Joseph-Kabila with his diet.

             Hereby I make mention of your determination and I salute your good sense of humanism, I salute your good conscience as well as your determination. part of the fight which we are called to lead to make pleasant and peaceful the future of our children and our grandchildren who will know a living congo, a fully democratic congo and a developed congo. Dear colleagues and comrade in the struggle, dear members of NICS, I take this opportunity to present my best wishes and a happy new year 2020.


Directeur Exécutif National

Human Rights Activist-Founder and National Executive Director of ‘No Impunity for the Congolese State’ (NICS) – Human Rights Organisation. 

Address: C/O RAPAR. 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS.

Phone: 00447405082590 / 00447490875889

Sheffield, le 01.March 2020

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