Over the last year, I have been working with Blue Shoes Productions and we have been doing some filming to create a short film representing my life. It is called Congo’s Activist in Exile. This film is the result of hard work, and our thanks go first to God my creator who endowed us with intelligence, and kept us in good health to carry out this work to create this great project.

I’m just going to do a little comparative study. I arrived in the United Kingdom on 11th November 2006. Immediately, I asked for my political asylum at the airport, and since then, my request has received 7 rejections from the Home Office. They reproached me for not being able to bring the right evidences which could support my request for asylum. However, since I started working with the Blue Shoes team, everything has changed.

Working with Blue Shoes to make the film and work on my refugee case has changed a lot for the better in my life. They had supported me and pushed me to continue fighting and to face many obstacles, to the point that I tell myself if they weren’t with me, I wouldn’t have been able to gather some of the information that I am finding with my human rights organisation.

The accomplishment of this short documentary was possible thanks to the help of the three of you. I would like to express my gratitude to you, for giving me support and moral support during this period filled with constraints in my life. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to you three for your mark of confidence, because you had believed in me from the very beginning of our friendship. Thank you for your priceless motivation and support. Moreover, it is thanks to you that I had the hope to continue working to achieve justice in my homeland, and to find some respite in this hectic period.

I also want to address my thanks to Mrs. Cathleen Miller, who wrote my profile for Al Jazeera, because it is through her that we are connected for the very first time. I must insist on paying tribute to this great lady and I salute her generosity. A great lady with a deep heart, very sensitive and compassionate to the misfortunes of vulnerable people.

Soon, I will be attending a hearing in front of the Ministry of Immigration before the immigration judges, and when I have hopefully won the trial, rest assured that I will dedicate this document to Blue Shoes in recognition for your investment in my life. I hope that this message will encourage you and motivate you to move forward to continue to help other people in my situation, and I wish you good luck.

Having followed all of the developments with Blue Shoes, and having understood their vision and intention to continue working in this field to make films about underrepresented people, I would be very happy to be able to continue to remain involved by trying to help others who are also in difficult positions.

Congo’s Activist in Exile

Jenny Dakosta Van Mputu

Directeur Exécutif National

Human Rights Activist-Founder and National Executive Director of ‘No Impunity for the Congolese State’ (NICS) – Human Rights Organisation.

Sheffield, 17.06.2020

Address: C/O RAPAR. 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS.



Phone: 00447405082590 / 00447490875889


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